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All students are required to wear a uniform to school each day. Uniforms are to be worn coming to and from school during the day and while representing St. Charles College in an official capacity. It is expected that the school uniform be worn proudly and neatly. The school uniform is supplied by R.J. McCarthy Ltd. The St. Charles uniform consists of:



How to Wear It

Dress pants for boys
or girls

- black perma pressed,
- McCarthy brand
- must be hemmed and in good repair
- must be worn at the waist
- belts, if worn, must be black


- grey / burgundy plaid
- McCarthy brand
- worn with solid black tights, black nylons or knee socks
- no shorter than 7cm above the knee (3")

Oxford Shirt

- white dress shirt - white only
- worn tucked in
- a dark tie is optional
Girls French Cut Shirt - crested or uncrested
- McCarthy brand
- worn untucked

Golf Shirt

- crested
- McCarthy brand
- long or short sleeved
- may be worn untucked

Rugby Shirt

- crested or uncrested
- McCarthy brand
- may be worn untucked


- black
- McCarthy brand
- worn with golf shirt or blouse
Black Shoe - All black
- low-heeled
Shoes MUST be black and low-heeled. Boots are not allowed.


The summer uniform may be worn from May 1st until September 30th of each year. The summer uniform consists of:

- McCarthy black shorts or capri pant
- socks optional
- black sandals with ankle straps may be worn
- only sandals secured with ankle straps are permitted.


T-shirts worn under the shirt/blouse must be solid white, grey, burgundy or black and short-sleeved. No logos on T-shirts are permitted.

Students are to be in uniform during work periods, including the cafeteria and library.

Extremes in personal grooming are not permitted ie. contact lenses not considered natural eye colour, excessive make-up, large bulky jewelry and wallet chains.

Body piercing, other than earrings is not permitted. Tongue rings, studs, eyebrow, chin, lip rings and spacers are not permitted.

If alternate footwear is recommended for medical reasons, black orthopaedic shoes are permitted.

The school reserves the right to determine if a student is in compliance with the spirit of the dress code policy and the appropriateness of dress.

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