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At St. Charles College, we have a very diverse population of students.  We have many clubs, activities and sports teams to meet the needs of all of our students.  We encourage each and every Cardinal to get involved and live the experience.

World Issues Club

Students' Administrative Council (SAC)
The student council at St. Charles is responsible for organizing many of the activities at the school, including the annual canned food drive.

Breakfast Club
St. Charles College offers a breakfast program daily in each of the homerooms.

Athletic Club

The council is responsible for promoting and encouraging school interest in athletics.

Wireless Access
The Sudbury Catholic District School Board’s Getting Connected Initiative has facilitated the implementation of wireless access into the St. Charles College building.

Antioch Grade 9 Retreat Weekend

Antioch is a dynamic weekend for grade 9 students, full of sharing, discussions, music, great food, fun projects and more. 

Other Clubs and Organizations

Yearbook Committee

Senior Concert Band

Junior Concert Band

Dance Club


Peer Tutoring

Liturgy Committee



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