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Special Education

The St. Charles College Special Education Department is dedicated to fostering a journey of personal growth for all identified students. 

Ministry documents Education for All , Learning for All , K to Gr. 12 and Special Education Transformation, we recognize that "fairness is not sameness" and that each student is unique. We are committed to supporting one student at a time. Within our Catholic culture, and through personalized and precise programs and services, we promote success.

The majority of our identified students at St. Charles College participate in regular programming with the expertise of classroom teachers and the support of the in-school Special Education team. Identified students may:

  • access current technology within the school

  • provided proper accommodations for maximum academic and personal success. 

  • The Student Success Resource Centre is an area where students can receive additional supports from school staff, have a quiet place to study or complete assignments and to write tests and exams requiring additional time.

St. Charles College also has 6 self-contained Special Education classes in our Life Skills and Comprehensive programs.  Students in these classes work on individualized education plans with a focus on continued growth in literacy, numeracy and personal life skill development.  Each classroom is staffed with Special Education teachers and Educational Assistants who create safe environments for students to develop academically and build relationships with a focus on kindness, compassion and understanding.  Special Education students may have the opportunity to participate in the diverse choice of elective courses through integration when relevant. Our Life Skills students are active and important members of the school community.  For example, a number of our students work daily in our school Breakfast Program preparing and sanitizing the bins, utensils, and condiments necessary to feed over 900 students each morning.

In the Comprehensive Program, students work towards a Certificate of Accomplishment, with a balance of academic and practical subjects. As their skills are strengthened, some students are eligible to participate in appropriately selected main stream courses.

Any student or parent interested in enrolling an exceptional student at St. Charles College is invited to contact Student Services to discuss an appropriate program choice and individualized education plan.

To learn more about Special Education at Sudbury Catholic School visit the Special Education section of the Board website.


"Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of becoming." -- Goethe


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