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International Education Program
The Sudbury Catholic Schools International Education Program creates opportunites for Sudbury families to host international students. Learn more about becoming a host family through the the Canada Homestay Network.

Sport for Credit
St. Charles College students can earn credits while playing the sports they love. The school offers focus classes in hockey, football and soccer. These classes are for boys and girls.

Specialist High Skills Major: Health, Wellness and Fitness

The SHSM in Health, Wellness and Fitness enables students to build a foundation of sector-focussed knowledge and skill before graduating and entering apprenticeship training, college, university or an entry-level position in the workplace.

Specialist High Skills Major: Transportation

The Specialist High Skills Major Program in Transportation builds a strong foundation for students who wish to move on to further study and training in specialized areas of transportation technology.

Getting Connected

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board’s Getting Connected Initiative has facilitated the implementation of wireless internet access into the St. Charles College building. Students are encouraged to bring their own devices.

Outdoor Education

At St. Charles College, the outdoor education program puts students outside, and keeps them there!

The Global Classroom

St. Charles College has taken students to destinations both far and wide.

The Arts

Lights, camera, ACTION! St. Charles College Art Program recognizes the important contributions artists and designers have made to society.

At St. Charles College, our technology classes are hands-on, activity based learning centres. 

Excellence in Literacy and Numeracy
In Ministry initiatives St. Charles College has a distinct record of excellence, proving its commitment to solid Literacy and Numeracy programs

French Immersion

At St. Charles College, immersion students 'Live the French Immersion Experience'.

Aboriginal Education

St. Charles College offers Native Studies courses from Grades 9 to 12 covering a  broad range of cultural topics and contemporary issues.


St. Charles College is proud of our Catholic faith and traditions.

Co-operative Education

As part of their studies in secondary school, students may select cooperative education courses to assist them with their career planning.

Guidance Program

The Guidance Program at St. Charles College focuses on student orientation, education, and career planning, linkages with post-secondary institutions and apprenticeship and workplace initiatives.

Special Education

The St. Charles College Special Education Department is dedicated to fostering a journey of personal growth for all identified students.

Student Success
St. Charles College boasts a Student Success Centre that supports every learner.

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