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At St. Charles College, where students Live the 'French Immersion experience', students can travel in French, feast in French, laugh and play in French, celebrate culture in French, use technology in French, learn and communicate in French,
and succeed in French!

For years people have known about the importance of learning a second language. The French Immersion program at St. Charles College has been offered for many years and boasts an excellent and experienced teaching staff.

Why Continue your Education in Immersion?

Students who graduate from the Grade 8 Immersion Program have spent many years developing their French language skills, and have become fluent speakers. Some of the language acquired will be retained, and some will be forgotten through a lack of usage. Students have spent ten years in the program, but have four to go. French is important for post-secondary studies and employment where a knowledge of French is required.

Students who wish to obtain an immersion certificate when they graduate must have at least 10 credits from courses offered in French Immersion. Each student is required to take French from grade 9 to 12.

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