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“We strive to find our students placements in the work industry that our tailored to their strengths and needs.” – Leader of Co-operative Education, Mrs. P. Gutscher.

As part of their studies in secondary school, students may select Co-operative Education courses to assist them with their career planning.  These courses allow students to explore chosen career fields and experience learning and working in the workplace.  On-the-job learning opportunities must be accompanied by an in-school pre-placement  and integration curriculum which prepares students for their new experiences and integrates theory and application of the course to which the Co-operative Education experience relates. 

Students must apply and go through an interview process for Co-operative Education.  The purpose of this initial interview with the applicant is to ensure that the student meets certain expecations in regards to attendance and punctuality, completion of compulsory courses, and to ensure that the applicant is ready to undertake learning in the workplace.  Students and their parents or guardians will be required to sign the statement of understanding to indicate their commitment to the program.  Failure to adhere to the responsibilities and procedures outlined in this statement may result in the loss of credits and dismissal from the program. 

Dual Credit Program offerings vary from year to year. Please consult with Guidance.

OYAP (Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program) is structured within the Co-operative Education program (some exceptions). A student is signed on when an employer agrees to sponsor the student. Students then have the opportunity to gain work experience in an apprentice trade, have their time count towards their apprenticeship hours, and have certain skill sets and competencies signed off. Students have an opportunity to pursue an apprenticeship while earning high school credits.

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