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Aaron Barry, Principal
Karl Dreger, Vice Principal
Anastasia Rioux, Vice Principal

St. Charles College

1940 Hawthorne | Sudbury, ON | P3A 1M8
Phone: (705)566-9605
Fax: (705)566-9603

E-mail: scc@sudburycatholicschools.ca

Sudbury Catholic District School Board

165A D'Youville | Sudbury, Ontario | P3C 5E7
Phone: (705)673-5620
Fax: (705)673-6670

Website: http://www.sudburycatholicschools.ca
E-mail: info@sudburycatholicschools.ca

Sudbury Student Services Consortium (Bussing)

1760 Regent St. S. | Sudbury, ON | P3E 3Z8
Phone: (705)521-1234
Toll Free: 1-877-225-1196
Fax: (705)521-1344

Website: http://www.businfo.ca
E-mail: trans@businfo.ca

I have a concern - who should I call?

Education is a shared experience involving the home and the school and it can be strengthened by open communication between the two. Should a concern about your child's education arise, follow these steps:

FIRST: Contact the classroom teacher and discuss the situation

THEN: if the situation has not been resolved contact the Principal and request help in dealing with the matter

THEN: if necessary contact the Superintendent in charge of the school. Call 705-673-5620 and ask for the name of the superintendent for your child's school, or find your superintendent on our board website

THEN: if necessary contact the Director of Education at 705-673-5620 ext. 238

THEN: if necessary and if the situation has not been resolved contact your trustee


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