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Regular attendance is vital to the learning process. Students are expected to attend all their classes when they are at school. When the process and content of learning are disrupted by irregular attendance, this is usually reflected in the studentís achievement level. Attendance is reported on the report card and will be evaluated as a learning skill.


Parents are asked to phone the school, the day before or morning of each day of absence. The student will present a note from his/her parent on the first day back following his/her absence if telephone contact has not been made. Notes are kept on file.


Parents are requested to write a note explaining why the student is leaving early. The student will present the note at the Main Office after Morning Routine begins and receive office authorization to leave a class early. The student will show the authorization to the teacher of the last class to be attended, leave at the appropriate time, and proceed to the office to sign out. Adult students living at home are requested to get acknowledgment from their parents. Grade 9 and 10 students are not permitted to leave the school property at lunch.


Any absence without prior authorization is truancy. Parents or guardians will be notified. Consequences may result in detention, suspension and involvement of the attendance counsellor.


Arrival for any appointment on time is a courtesy. It demonstrates personal responsibility, maturity, and thoughtfulness. Promptness and punctuality are important priorities. Plan to be punctual.


Students who are not in homeroom at the start of the National Anthem, are late for homeroom. Students will stop all movement and conversation when the National Anthem begins. Students will then report directly to homeroom. The Vice-Principal will be involved with students who are persistently late.

LATE FOR SCHOOL (after homeroom)

Students who are late for school, will report directly to the Main Office to sign in and provide the reason for their lateness accompanied by a note by their parent or guardian.
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