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Cardinal Can Total Crushed Once Again  
10/24/2014 - St. Charles College and its feeder schools have collected more than 115 thousand cans to stock Sudbury Food Bank shelves during the winter months.  This exceeds the goal to collect 60 thousand cans that the student council set at the beginning of the week.
Rallying the Can Collecting Troops
10/22/2014 - Tomorrow, St. Charles College along with its feeder schools will know if they have crushed their can collecting goal.  The school set out to collect 60 thousand cans in support of the Sudbury Food Bank this season as part of its annual collection blitz.
Elementary Food Drive Wraps Up, Just as the St. Charles College Drive Begins
10/14/2014 -
They’re coming to a door near you!
10/09/2014 - Students who attend St. Paul, St. John, St. David, St. Raphael, St. Andrew, Pius and St. Bernadette Catholic elementary schools are out in full force this week. Their mission is to collect cans for its food drive in collaboration with St. Charles College.
Grade 9's Go "Full Steam Ahead" with Community Service Hours
09/26/2014 - This year's group of grade 9 students at St. Charles College were offered some added incentive - do community service hours over the summer and be eligible for a $100 gift certificate for the mall. The winner is Reggie Bonhomme. Reggie worked at the Canadian Legion over the summer months and while he has garnered over 30 hours, he doesn't plan to stop there.
St. Charles College Students Trapping Bugs for Guelph Research Institute
09/23/2014 - The grade ten Science classes are taking their studies outside by trapping insects. Teacher George Fritz has partnered with the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario at the University of Guelph to sample the insect community in the St. Charles College school yard.
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